Sparkling Honey Water


Bella Beez Sparkling Honey Water is based in Chicago, IL. We use locally-sourced honey produced by Chicago's own Westside Bee Boyz. We are currently stocked at select retailers all over the city. Check our Stockists page for details.​


When Bella Beez owner Niki Mohrlant met Thad of Chicago's West Side Bee Boyz to talk about their hives, she was a-buzz with ideas. For years, Niki had brewed honey along with lemon and ginger in hot water medicinally, to avoid colds during the Chicago winters. She suggested she buy West Side Bee Boyz honey to feature in a cold sparkling honey water beverage. 

The result is a pure, simple delight. Folks say the honey and carbonated water compliment each other, and the taste is a mouth pleasing experience somewhere between soda and sparkling water. Eater NYC describes Bella Beez as a "surprisingly sophisticated drink, beautifully floral, with just enough sweetness to know you're drinking honey."

Why "Bella Beez"? Niki's good friends had spent 2 years setting up an adoption for their little girl, Isabella. Just as she was adopted, and after months of development, the best batch of honey water came to fruition. Little Bella is smart, creative, funny – and the very sweet inspiration for the name of our drink.


Bella Beez hopes to draw some attention to bees and other pollinators. In our own "sweet" way, we hope to help folks understand how cool (and not scary) bees can be, and how important pollinators and pollinator-friendly gardens are for making many of our favorite foods possible.